About Us

Stop Daily Fantasy Gambling is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization dedicated to stopping the proliferation of illegal gambling including the recent development of internet-based daily fantasy sports gambling.

Daily fantasy sports games are a relatively new and largely unregulated online industry that allows an individual to attempt to win money by simulating sports team ownership or management by assembling a team comprised of actual players from various teams in a particular professional sports league. A daily fantasy sports contestant pays an entry fee and creates a team, compiling points based on the statistical performance of individual players . Money is awarded to the owners of the top teams in the online games, which typically last one day to one week.


Despite what proponents of daily fantasy gambling may suggest, the fact is, daily fantasy sports is illegal gambling.


Daily fantasy gambling is currently unregulated but disallowed in Texas. The Texas Legislature is considering several bills that clearly designate fantasy sports gambling to be legal, skill-based games, in direct contradiction to an opinion issued by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton last year, which deemed the practice to be illegal gambling:

“Because the outcome of games in daily fantasy sports leagues depends partially on chance, an individual’s payment of a fee to participate in such activities is a bet. Accordingly, a court would likely determine that participation in daily fantasy sports leagues is illegal gambling under section 47.02 of the Penal Code.”


The goal of Stop Daily Fantasy Gambling is to stop the proliferation of illegal gambling including all forms of illegal daily fantasy sports gambling.